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We offer weekly tuition for those who need support over a longer-term or a short-term intensive course to help with exam revision—Enquire below for further details or if you would like to discuss your child's educational needs.

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English Language & Literature

GCSE & IGCSE - £45.00  

A-level & IB - £45.00  

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GCSE & IGCSE - £45.00  

A-level & IB - £45.00  

Theatre Studies

GCSE & IGCSE - £45.00  

A-level  - £45.00  


A-level  - £45.00  

Religious Studies

GCSE & IGCSE - £45.00  

University Applications

We are on hand to assist with every step of the university application process including:

Course Selection

Our tutors are on hand to offer advice on on which course and university selection will give you the greatest chance of success. 

Personal Statement Development 

We will work closely with you to create a standout personal statement that appeals to top universities, advising on the best further reading and research required to showcase your subject knowledge beyond school level. 

Interview support

We provide training and mock interview preparation followed by comprehensive feedback to ensure that you are prepared for challenging questions and can articulate your passion for your chosen subject. 

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